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Meetings with potential investors interested to expand their investments in Romania...

Consulting Division of   "Global Concept Solution" firm in cooperation with our old partner and client, Mr. Catalin Mandrila , successful attorney, began a new joint project, starting a series of meetings and discussions with potential investors who have expressed interest to expand their investments in Romania

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A New Real Estate Investment project in Sinaia, a major tourist resort of the Carpathian Mountains..

      The quality and professional skills of the services provided by Real Estate Division, helped us in being recommended to a client who started a new Real Estate Investment project in Sinaia , a major tourist resort located in beautiful scenery of the Carpathian Mountains.
  The residential project is located in an excellent location an wonderful oasis of peace on the Prahova Valley...

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Happy New Year 2010 !!! All good thoughts for you !!!...

The year 2010 is finally here and We want to wish you have a year full of realizations and happiness !!!!!       

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Real Estate Division continues despite the decline in real estate...

  Real Estate Division continues despite the decline in real estate, and complete a real estate transaction, representing a sale of exclusive double studio, situated in the central area of Bucharest. The owner was an old client of our consultants, which knowing and trusting our professionalism in our services, we granted exclusively for sale

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A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all !!!..

Satisfied clientt

    Recommendations of previous client achieved by the quality and professionalism of the services , we successfully participated with this at the creation of a professional marketing campaigns into a international professional exhibition expanding his clients portfolio.  

   Inventor Romania a company, which operates in the field of Air conditioning installations and equipment, wanted to attend a specialized exhibition Romtherm-2008 , held in March 2008 in Bucharest, which was attended by most firms in the industry.   We created a mix of elements and marketing techniques and have attracted a large number of visitors, potential partners and future clients.

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“Global Concept Solution”, successful cooperated for implementation in Romania a branch of a main foreign company...

     Business Development Team and Marketing Team of "GCS" firm in a challenging and successful cooperation finished a complex business operation to implement a successful subsidiary of foreign company in Romania.
     Entering in a new geography area orexpanding into new market is unquestionable one of the major business challenging for any company. Because in this kind of business the margin for mistake is very, very thin, our efforts was focused to assure the desired results, a successful market entrance.

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Success shines again on our frontispiece...

Success shines again on frontispiece of our Real Estate consultants, who have completed again after several months, a real estate investment transaction
Once investors from Greece have used our services, based on the recommendations of a previous clients, we have established together parameters and details of the project, and carrying our specific actions, we identified the location that meet exactly the client’s goals and priorities.

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Real Estate Division of "Global Concept Solution", successfully completed....

Real Estate Division of "Global Concept Solution" firm, successfully completed a real estate transaction, representing the sale of a property, a villa, located near Bucharest, in North side of town, in a select residential complex,” “Green Paradise” – from  Corbeanca, finally the client being satisfied with the result.

Creating and applying a marketing campaign on all levels was obtained during optimal default client requirements formulated similar results.

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Global Concept Solution” – just started his way into business world...

     “Global Concept Solution” – just started his way into business world, with lot of enthusiasm, passion and determination, having competitive advantages, like professional experience more than 10 years in the local business market, and  a lot of existing clients and recommendations.
We had professional experience along the interaction and extensive relationships with many clients who are pleased with the results obtained together with our consultants recommended with confidence and appealed to other persons and companies to our services.

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