Who We Are ?

Global Concept Solution is a consulting services firm who help clients to find, choose and realize the best profitable opportunities today, in crisis and economies undergoing political, economical and social transition, unexpected and significant.

gcs-keyboard Depending on your needs, we can accompany you and guide you thru the business maze, from birth of a brilliant idea, and putting its implementation, of starting and growing a new business from ground, thru the growth process, thru the solving of unusual problems that arise unexpectedly in the during project, and also even thru your exit strategy when you consider that the time for this has come
Our services have at base the understanding of the client's business model, their products, their needs, expectations and business goals. We interact practical and directly with the client, revealing and profiling his requirements in precise terms according to the business environment. This make for us and our partners, the initiation of a trust business partnership with long duration, and both parts success.



* Global Level of Multiple and Practical Actions with Proven Result

* Absolutely Personalized Concepts and Strategy For Each Client

* Optimized and Successful Business Solutions, for All Business Partners


-*- Absolutely Personalized Concepts and Strategy For Each Client
-*- Identifying the client’s needs and problems and transforming these in objectives and strategies, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, with Reliable, Timely.
-*- Treating each part of process, business or client like a challenge, with specific interactions, focused and personalized
-*- Giving more value of the results, and increasing the satisfaction and confidence of the clients, creating thereby future recommendations, and bridges for powerful business connections.


We believe that experience presides over imagination and dreams once about what mean a company established and running.
Therefore all our plans follow the same basic principles: simplified, immediately and transparent and in line with the goals that we set it together after analyze made which provide detailed milestones, steps, time frame, resources, requirements etc., and show us the way and final goal. solt We don’t formulate only just the strategy, but also the adjacent resources needed in order to full fill it, in the quickest and optimally way.
The words sound nice, but the results proved are more valuable, more fascinating and challenging. Recommended unconditional by authentic, proven and tested results we continue to deliver our "Global", "Concept", "Solutions" for you.


  • "Global Concept Solution” company have provided excellent services to our companies, in helping to find partners and clients in the Romanian market.
    Was a pleasure to work with they, being always enthusiastic, committed, and client centered.
    Theirs experience and local market knowledge proved invaluable and I not have no hesitation to recommending from all my heart their truly professional approach."

    Josua Marinho - President at R. J. Investments, (Madrid - Spain)
  • "I have worked with Ioan C., the manager of "Global Concept Solution” for a market study of the Air Conditioning industry in Romania. In addition they have a very wide network and allowed us to meet with new local and international. They went beyond expectations in arranging meetings with potential companies and people, so that they offered a lot of help and support.
    Their consumer research and other analises have bring benefits and successful launch of our brand, so our firm subsidiary implementation in Romania was a full success.
    With the results we had been very satisfied and I would choose this company again. I thoroughly enjoyed working with GCS, his manager, or people and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

    Christos Morakis - Managing Director, at Invertor Concept SRL, (Romania)
  • "Global Concept Solution” firm helped our company with our business development in Romania. They provided us with valuable information regarding the key players in the market and were very successful in locating potential customers for us and arranging the meetings.
    They did all this in a very short period of time and for a very reasonable price.
    I highly recommend them. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Good Value.” sucscocpt

    Vincenzo Dapetro - General Manager, Milanesse Empori S.p.a., (Italy)