We live in a dynamic economy and changes take place with amazing rapidity, and if today your business is up tomorrow can be sown if your marketing strategies are not chosen and executed correctly, it can do more damage than good to support you or your company in increasing efficiency and results.

   As how the „marketing father” Dr..Philip Kotler say:   Good companies will meet needs and great companies will create markets .”


 From its inception until today, marketing has evolved continuously in all modes and aspects reaching unexpected initial stages, evolved from marketing 1.0 -also known as the marketing of the industrial age, to marketing 2.0 - also known as relationship orientated, and now marketing 3.0 - the linkage of three building blocks.

     The objectives of the marketing process, active forces involved in it, the perspective of the market, the marketing concept keys, value propositions,  the change of the way how interacting with the consumers, and the amazing power of the branding, all these being interconnected and in a continuous changing, make that the success in this field to be hard to touch.

   The most important aspects of the marketing are the purpose, destination, time and touched results. The professional marketing campaigns can be done today in multiple ways such as:
       * Verbal - one of the most precious and with great results, here the client recommendation play a great role.

       * Written – by mail, by flyers distribution directly, or personalized offers

       * Video – by external panels, TV or internet spots

       * Others , or maybe a mix of previous

    In today times one of the mostimportant and  frecvent used is e-marketing, with his elements like email marketing , article marketing, social media marketing when using the power of networks promote your business or product or maybe yourself. In any case need a strategy to make result appear. Article marketing is also recognised like a powerful SEO tool, if is correctly made with good quality choosen words, in right places, and wiil bring to you valuable results, improve your presence on virtual space, and attract visitors to you, and final more clients, more incomes.

mrktg2  E-marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods...with the mention if is done properly, by a professional. Compared with paper-based direct mail, you will avoid the cost of printing, distributing the marketing materials and, if you choose and use the right tool, the efficiency of your campaigns will be more good compared with direct mail campaign. Email marketing can be done using a variety of methods: like e-mail client, website e-mail system, special e-mail marketing or auto responder systems. Each of them has own particularity, auto-responders and email marketing campaigns are oriented made for sending out and newsletters, marketing emails, personalized offers to your mailing list. There are several advantages to choose the use one of these systems compared with the first two options mentioned.

   If you need advice on how to set up and run your email campaigns, or e-marketing Contact Us for a FREE consultation.

      “ The internet will create the winner and bury the laggards .”

     Our consultants are good listeners and learners, they will identify based on their expertise your needs or the specific you want to acquire, and because they are also good problem solvers, will proceed to do it.  Then firm will prepare effective brochures, ads, and other media, improve your communication with clients through e-mails campaigns, written articles, speeches, with great performance, and also we will build for you a network of referral sources with accountants, lawyers and others.

   Because one of the  most important skill is client relationship management, together will bring it to high level, and the buzz-marketing who we will build will make to you one pillar from the keys to branding your business.

“ Marketing is becoming a battle bases more on information than on sales power”.

socmed     Having the abilities to help you to understand today”s dimensions of marketing and his importance, we wait your request for building together your new perspective and find the best punctual solving solution for your needs or for any complex problems.

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