Business Development Team and Marketing Team of "GCS" firm in a challenging and successful cooperation finished a complex business operation to implement a successful subsidiary of foreign company in Romania.
     Entering in a new geography area orexpanding into new market is unquestionable one of the major business challenging for any company. Because in this kind of business the margin for mistake is very, very thin, with big chances to make irreversible mistakes, our efforts was focused to assure the desired results, a successful market entrance.

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 Company Inventor Romania, became the subsidiary company's of one of the main companies in the air conditioning plant and equipment from Greece. Invertor Air-conditioning Company operates successfully in the Greek Market since 1966 and as a key player in the European markets for the last 10 years.
     After analysis of the case developed on the specificity of the local market, potential competitors, and other risk factors, we were able according to the client`s request to find the best solutions for entering in a new local market, from of all points of view, legally, economically, future development, etc.
We have identified suitable channel partners – like representatives and distributors  for product portfolio, business philosophy, organizational culture, and customer starting base.   Deploying complex marketing campaigns, combined with meetings with potential future clients, we were able to synthesize for our client a database.
We complete also the necessary support in finding and establishing business premises in excellent location with all facilities and contracts necessary to carry out the activity under optimal conditions.
Analyzing the requirements of the new company, we made the necessary adjustments in terms of evaluating business culture and human resources for the desired geography, and we provided support in finding and selecting candidates to be employed in necessary jobs.


Our satisfaction was high based on the feedback of success entry market operation of the new company.

     "When one door closes, another opens: but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." - Alexander Graham Bell.