Business developers around the world initiates, every second new business, develop business analyzes and processes based on new ideas, and put into practice with initiative, courage and skill . They are focused on the potential of growing opportunities, analytical analyses, and support, preparation and monitoring of its Implementation.
Our business development specialists meet the needs of customers and their preparation consist of a mixture of the following business requirements skills: sales, marketing, legal, strategy, finance, etcbusiness opport1 Using our services, companies can rely on our strategic relationships, expertise, technologies and skills to grow their capabilities in identifying, analyzing, researching and bringing into market of their new products or new businesses. In developing new business also focuses on the implementation of strategic business plans through equity financing, acquisition / cession of technologies, products and companies, plus creating or enlarging strategic partnerships where appropriate.

  Global Concept Solution  business development specialists manage and analyze the data’s of clients to produce for them sales management information which could include: reasons for losses/wins, progress of opportunities in relation to the sales process, top performing sales people/sales channels, etc

  Reducing the costs is one of the largest and most debated issues and with expenses, acquisition and management of suppliers, these issues become important part in addressing our network of experts.

Cost and income estimates are essential to any business operation. But costs are frequently underestimated and incomes overestimated producing soon or in later cost overruns, decrease in incomes, and very possible non-viability of the business.

During this economical crisis this was a real problem for many start-ups, or existing firms, and also bring in unpredictable business conditions.  Reduce the risks of cost overruns and revenue shortfalls can be avoided by creating accurate business

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