What our clients say about us

    We proud to show you bellow the testimonials of few clients about us and our company:

"Global Concept Solution” company have provided excellent services to our companies, in helping to find partners and clients in the Romanian market. Was a pleasure to work with they, being always enthusiastic, committed, and client centered. Theirs experience and local market knowledge proved invaluable and I not have no hesitation to recommending from all my heart their truly professional approach."

Josua Marinho - President at R. J. Investments, (Madrid - Spain)

"I have worked with Ioan C., the manager of "Global Concept Solution” for a market study of the Air Conditionong industry in Romania. In addition they have a very wide network and allowed us to meet with new local and international. They went beyond expectations in arranging meetings with potential companies and people, so that they offered a lot of help and support.
Their consumer research and other analises have bring benefits and successful launch of our brand, so our firm subsidiary implementation in Romania was a full success.
With the results we had been very satisfied and I would choose this company again.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with GCS, his manager, or people and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Christos Morakis - Managing Director, at Inventor Concept SRL , (Romania)

"Global Concept Solution” firm helped our company with our business development in Romania. They provided us with valuable information regarding the key players in the market and were very successful in locating potential customers for us and arranging the meetings.
They did all this in a very short period of time and for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Good Value.”

Vincenzo Dapetro - General Manager, Milanesse Empori S.p.a., (Italy)
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"I have known Ioan C. the manager of  "Global Concept Solution”  for several years and meet with her whenever I come to Bucharest. By putting dedication in our project, Ioan C. and his team identified our needs clearly and brought us the right results.
I have used his services like consultant several occasions and have also referred companies and can, without question, confirm that any work has always been undertaken in a very friendly and professional manner. I have no doubts about recommending "Global Concept Solution” .

George A. - Owner/ General Manager, Inventor Air Conditioners, (Greece)

"Global Concept Solution” team is very reliable, and deliver what they promised, in real time and parameters. They have excellent network into the Romanian economy, and with a lot of other people. I have worked with manager of the firm several occasions and have been most satisfied with her work and professionalism. Working with them over a number of years, they were able to offer better service each time - clearly developed an understanding of what we were looking for and adapted her work accordingly. The firm's people are very devored and willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything works out as planned.
I would recommend using „Global Concept Solution” for market entry process in Romania.
This is the team which should be congratulated, as it can produce good results, their approach is fast and very friendly and efficient.

Catalin Mindrila,,Attorney, M.C. Law Firm, Romania