Success shines again on frontispiece of our Real Estate consultants, who have completed again after several months, a real estate investment transaction
Once investors from Greece have used our services, based on the recommendations of a previous clients, we have established together parameters and details of the project, and carrying our specific actions, systematically and professionally according to project requirements, we identified the location that meet exactly the client’s goals and priorities. After visiting potential locations for meetings with owners, we checked it to be taken in terms of due-diligence, then visited again with the client and his architects, and after its approval and decision we started price negotiations and conditions.

    Framing in the established time, we obtained very similar results expressed initial customer requirements, and we proceeded to its indication to finalize the investment project.
Actively working systematically and efficiently, the actions taken with sellers and the buyers were at an appropriate level, based on trust, and responsibility, proving once again the professional skills of our consultants.


"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein.