A satisfied customer of how he was treated and results in working with a company certainly will return to continue those positive experiences, based on trust that firm will solve his issue in a fast and professional way.  

  Following the requirements of  Inventor Romania , a satisfied customer by the collaboration with our firm previously, which continued to trust in our competences, our Department of Innovation and Research completed analyses of the air conditioning industry,  photovoltaic industry, solar air conditioning, and pellets industry.           


       The current climate change trends, combined with attention to energy consumption, make the air conditioning industry have an increasing development. Considering that the client think that he spend money in a valuable way, and want to obtain the best offer based on comparison money versus advantages and value, we produced an deep analyze of air conditioning sector starting with introduction, history, types and working principles, industry by country, producers, trends and expectation for next period.


   Solar heating and cooling is a straightforward application of renewable energy; solar domestic hot water heating is already widely used in a number of countries but on a global level contributes to 0.4% only of energy demand for domestic hot water.

Research studies predict that by 2050, solar energy could annually produce 16.5 EJ of solar heating, more than 16% of total final energy use for low temperature heat, and 1.5 EJ solar cooling, nearly 17% of total energy use for cooling.


 Although in terms of climate we are not in the best location, in our country, the sun has been the subject of studies and then projects, both in the domestic as well as industrial, at the beginning using heating and then electrical power of the sun..

Photovoltaic market began to be seen in its true potential and both Romanian and foreign investors have shown interest in starting to develop projects in this regard. Considering the potential offered, globally continued development at new technologies and continue down the price of solar equipment in the field, make that  investments in this area to be more numerous and diverse.


    Pellets industry presents many opportunities which are extremely attractive:

• Instability price of fossil fuels and their high cost may increase attractiveness of pellets;

• Gas and oil supply may become with fluctuation it depending on market stability and security in the area;

• put pressure on fossil fuels by industry associations dealing with environmental protection put pellets in a positive light;

• Market pellets yet occupy only a small fraction of the total energy market and have so many opportunities to increase market share;

• Research projects in progress will lead to improved methods for the production of pellets, their energy properties and finding new uses for them. This will lead to increased market demand.

• Most European governments have effective policies to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to encourage companies to produce bio-fuels;

• EU support environmental protection initiatives by funding programs;

• Many companies need to get rid of waste wood gives us a way to obtain raw materials;

Green technologies and resources will continue to develop and attract more and more participants in this challenging business.