Based on some customer requirements our Innovation and research team completed few complex analyses of investments in green energy and wind turbines farms.


   Especially considering the global energy market trends and local, and based on local characteristics, we identified suitable locations for such development projects in many parts of Romania.
We analyse and compare existing wind turbines in the area and made a pre-feasibility study and began due diligence in several positions.
We also did market research on wind turbine manufacturers , their effectiveness, maintenance, parts, and more.
We had meetings with potential customers, investors , and other stakeholders, beneficiaries, authorities, etc..

   We continue the wind energy project began with confidence and hope to be successful.
    Our planet earth are facing with drastic dramatic and irreversible climate change, and these in conjunction with skyrocketing prices of the energy, fear of "peak oil " (that point in time when the global production of oil will reach its maximum rate, and after which production will decrease gradually) will push the urge for making green technology and renewable energy the next new trend, of the of the future. 

                           Let’s save together our earth. !!!