Real Estate Division continues his performance even the real estate go into a profound  decline, and complete a real estate transaction, representing a sale of exclusive new apartment , located in the residential complex Cosmopolis.

   The owner is recommended by a old client of our consultants, and based on  our professional and respect , we granted exclusively for sale.


       We create a complex promotional campaign for the property, where we exposed the fundamental characteristics and benefits of property and also Cosnopolis residential complex. All of these had rapidly effects and the results have come as we planned.


    The final buyer also was very satisfied at the closing of the transaction, because obtained at a fair price a new apartment in Cosmopolis , most innovative and complex residential real estate project in Romania, with living conditions at high standards and great neighbors.

     Our representatives based on good professional reputation have once again proven competence, seriousness and dedication in work.

Customer satisfaction was again rewarded by mutual trust and paid results.
    Thank you for your confidence in us.