Buy your traditional house in Transylvania, in South-East Europe,cheaper than a car !!!

Probably you believe this has ceased to exist in today's Europe...No, indeed this is True. Today !
Buy a house cheaper than a car..??    YES.   Where ?
Here in a in South-Eastern Europe, in Transylvania,the most surprising and interesting regions of Romania.
“Transylvania is the last corner of Europe where true sustainability can be seen” – affirmed HRH Prince Charles in the documentary
"Wild Carpathia", otherwise he owns several properties in this area, which in fact it and visit often.

buy trans house 3

You have here the opportunity to discover another side of Romanian reality : the authentic hospitality, simplicity, honesty and wisdom,
of a profound joy of living a simple but fulfilling life, in balance with and close to Mother Nature and the Earth.
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